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Greetings User!

I proudly present a new bot Forge of Empires for Windows. I decided to create my own bot because I never had enough time to play. Besides, it's a cool game, so read more and try it out yourself.

When no time

Do you feel you found a new game, but have no time at all? Decided to play, get invited by friends but you have a lot to do, school, job, whatever? Your friends always ask, why don't you spend more time to this game? Everybody seems have infinite time but you?

If You like to play

You like this game very much but hate you can't progress as fast as others? You like to play, but you don't have time for endless "farming" for resources? All your friends got much more further much faster than you? Want to belong to a great community, make some new friendships while playing this game? Trying hard but game has too much rules and you feel you can take steps further too slowly? You got in a cool guild, but you feel don’t do enough for your community?

When miss a chance

You slowly learn this game, but feels too hard to make progress? You asked many guilds but no one wants a rookie in their team? Your friends asked help but you unable to, due to lack of gold or resources? You get kicked from guilds for progressing to slowly? You feel you never reach your goals in the game?


Here is the solution for you


a Forge of Empires farmer bot



The software is running in any 32bit or 64bit Windows (7, 8, 10). Windows XP is not recommended. Requirement is the >.NET 4.5.2 framework, so make sure to have it installed. The Bot is completely automated, fully independent in any browser. You only need to run and off you go, no need for any third party program or application. It can farm while you are in school, working or at home.

You can find .NET install here: .NET 4.6.2 install for Windows


  • Visually shows resources
  • Pickups money
  • Pickups supplies
  • Gets treasure chest
  • Sets production
  • Unlocks military unit slots
  • Sets military unit production
  • Supports friends
  • Supports neighbors
  • Supports guild mates
  • Pickups blueprints
  • Handles plundered and/or stale loot
  • Independent handling for special multiproduction buildings
  • Researching - auto spends forge points
  • Auto upgrades for latest web application version
  • Tavern functions
  • Auto friend-invite accept/send
  • Lots of GUI options for tweaks
  • Great Building Operations (still in development)
  • Bot autoupdate feature

Future developing

FoErmer team tries to make this program updated. Even auto upgrade has been implemented, of course for time to time it needs a proper upgrade for data structures. Also planning to implement features in the future like:

  • More options for handle farming behavior
  • Trading with neighbors, friends, guild mates
  • Aid other players with forge points, ex. for great buildings
  • Auto download and install newer version of bot
  • New features by wish-list

Also experimental version has been introduced while you can test newly implemented features, bug-fixes.

Special functions

The bot uses special algorithms (optionally) for logging. It means that all of its functions use a method which makes it more "human". It logs in and out using a timer, so when you turn this option on it will use this feature. It will check your village stuff after a more randomized pace. As if a human would do. We never login in same time, clicking objects with same pace, etc, etc. right? So this bot tries to emulate this human-like behavior preventing bans.


Interested enough?

Here's how you get it

Download and purchase

Try this bot

Your first 10 days is free. Then, bot will lock itself. After that if you decide to use it, you have to purchase a license per month via PayPal. One computer/email-address/license. There are two versions: with limited features and a full featured version.

Bot will register your given email-address, so you must use that address for further license purchase.

Get the
install of current stable (zip)

Listed features

  • According to license, you'll get the listed features below

Get the
install of experimental version (zip)

Experimental (like betas) for testing

  • CHECK FORUM for proper information!

It is highly recommended to use Forum. Therefore always use a valid e-mail address for registering bot. You can miss important information, news, announcements, updates, or new experimental versions (like betas) if you're using fake e-mail. Also, you will not be able to purchase license with fake e-mail.
FoErmer team never gives information to third-parties, all first-party/customer data stored on a high security personal web-server for handling bot related informations. Never sends spams or undesirable e-mails to our customers.

*1 - Use 7z for uncompress files.

*2 - experimental version works as if it would normal licensed or trial version, except it is like betas may have bugs or unexpected behaviors, use with caution, check forum for more info

Purchasing via PayPal

After you hit the button, you'll get an alert message from this page, that (probably) data has sent, and all is cool. Then you'll get an e-mail, so server can check it's a valid address and you can finish your payment as you click the pay button from that e-mail. (it will redirect you to a secure PayPal page where you'll make your payment) You no need to have a PP account to do this. You must fill the form within the payment page, when you chose "Pay with/Use credit card or debit card" if you are not willing to create a PayPal account.

2.99 purchase (disabled now)

  • Pickups money
  • Pickups supplies
  • Gets treasure chest
  • Supports friends
  • Pickups blueprints
  • Auto upgrades for latest web application version

5.99 purchase

Add your e-mail:

*1 - email address is the address you used for trial version in bot's preferences, it's not the same you'll use for PayPal transaction

After your purchase

When your pay is success, +1 month will be added to your license with option you chose. (partial or all featured) Then if you run the bot, you may see your account is still trial but when you check the remaining time, you'll see that purchased time has been added. This may happen when you buy license before trial time expires. After that you'll see your license type will change according to your purchase.
You no need to wait your license expired, you can lengthen it anytime you want by addition purchase. For example, you decide you need a full featured version, and after that a partial featured license, all is before your trial period would expired.
If you have any question, or get any problem, feel free to ask on the FORUM, or write e-mail. (see footer's social section)

Have a nice botting!